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3 Easy Steps You Can Take Towards a Healthier Halloween

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

Boo! It’s that time of year again: where the spooky ghouls and powerful witches come out of hiding for one night to see who is the best candy gatherer of them all! Sound like your family? Do you worry about how Halloween is going to impact your family’s health? Then you’ve come to the right place. Here are 3 easy steps you can take to make your family’s Halloween a little bit healthier:

1. Fuel up your kids before they go trick or treating

Before your kids head out the door, try to get them to relax (we know this isn’t easy!) and sit down to a real, well balanced dinner. If you can’t get them to eat a whole dinner, try to at least get a fruit plate and a cup of yogurt in them. That way, their appetites will be curbed somewhat for the rest of the evening, eliminating the need to dig into candy early (and maybe they’ll be happy with only a handful of chocolates rather than a dozen).

2. Meter it out

On Halloween night, allow your children to select a few candies (try their age plus two), then put the bag in the pantry. After a few days, your kids might even forget about the candy! They’ve had their treats and then they move onto other things.

If your kids haven’t forgotten about their sash in the pantry, dole out one or two treats at a time, and always in combination with a healthy snack or meal. When the excitement over the candy has waned (and before you start digging into them), take the leftovers to a local homeless shelter.

3. Make fruit fun

3 Easy Steps You Can Take Towards a Healthier Halloween

When you can, make fruit fun. How about a fruit parfait? In a pretty parfait glass, simply layer your child’s favorite fruit with fat-free or low-fat vanilla

yogurt, then top with a strawberry. Or try a quick google search for “healthy Halloween treats.” There are plenty of recipes that even the busiest of moms can whip up for a quick Halloween snack before heading out to trick or treat.

There you have it: 3 Easy Steps you can take tonight to make your family’s Halloween just a little bit healthier. Halloween can still be a fun adventure for your whole family without it completely derailing your healthy living. We at Actify PT believe in health for the whole family, if you need any more tips or tricks on how to keep your family healthy, shoot us an email:, we’d love to hear from you!

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