Easy Ways to Manage Your Pain Around the Holidays!

Starting in November through the year-end, many of us are constantly on the go. We’re on our feet while shopping, cooking and going to parties. We’re traveling more and we’re often feeling more stress, which can lower our tolerance for pain.

Pain can put a damper on the season, and you want to be enjoying time with family and friends, not skipping out on parties or struggling to through the pain.

Here are some Pain Management Tips to help you get through, and maybe even enjoy, the holidays!


During the holiday season, extra trips to the grocery store and the mall are inevitable. Minimize the chance of a pain flare-up by:

– Going shopping during off hours to secure a closer parking spot and avoid waiting in long lines
 – Making a list of what you need to avoid extra wandering – Using a shopping cart even if you only need a few things—this will keep you from placing extra strain on your arms and shoulders

– Making multiple trips—you may need to go gift shopping one day and food shopping the next

And, don’t try to save time by bringing everything in at once; the extra trips to and from the car are worth the time.


For many families, the holidays aren’t the same without those special dishes or cookies. If you are the one responsible for these (or other) essential items, enlist help. Cooking for the holiday should be enjoyable.

If you are making a stew or a roast, enlist others to help with the chopping, or do the prep work the night before you plan to cook. Having all of the vegetables ready to go will save you tons of time on your feet and protect your wrists from too much strain. If you are roasting a turkey or working on something that needs constant watching, ask for help basting and stirring.

With baking, consider making the dough the night before you plan to make the cookies. This splits the task in two. And, it’s usually easy to get helpers for cookie- related projects. Invite others to help with decorating to save you time on your feet.

For all kitchen projects, think about whether a stool would be a helpful way to take breaks and alternate your position during longer projects.

These easy fixes can work wonders for your body. Try them out during your next holiday shopping trip or while cooking for your family. If you have long term pain that doesn’t seem to be going away, get in touch. We’d be happy to discuss how we can help you live a life free from pain.

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