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Let’s Skip the Resolutions this Year

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

Are you still spinning from Christmas, and ready to roll into the New Year??

…I am assuming many of you have started to write down your New Year’s Resolutions and Goals, or IF you are like many, just rewording last year’s, that sounded good at the time. If you are more disciplined than me and all your resolutions were accomplished, I applaud you!

I want to put a little twist on the New Year’s Resolution today. For years I set [loose] goals and never really achieved them, resulting in me feeling horrible and like I had failed. I’d write them here and there, on scraps of paper, put them somewhere in the house or office, and forget about them. I would find those goals later in the year and realize I didn’t even come close to achieving them.

I would basically drift through life, dreaming about living another way, but doing nothing to make my dreams a reality. Eventually I got so fed up with my goals not working out that I gave up on the entire ‘New Years Resolution’ goal setting process altogether.

Resolutions, goals and dreams – they were for dreamers and NOT doers (or so I let myself believe).

What’s worse, because my goals never became a plan — I was certain the problem was me, which led to me feeling EVEN worse. So, eventually I grew exhausted feeling this way, I wanted to do something about it….. I really wanted to figure out a way to make these goals of mine become a reality. So I started small, not with a goal or a resolution, but with simple habits.

Set Small Habits To Get BIG Results

I started blocking out time each day during the work week, to work on business and personal growth and BOTH have paid off immensely….

I started cutting ALL WORK activities out of my Sundays.

SO, here is my challenge to you…….Start a small habit or two this year. Can be something as simple as drinking 5 glasses of water a day, eating fruits instead of sweets, or cutting out Mayonnaise, or Coke or stop eating fast food meats— A SIMPLE habit/goal that is easily obtainable. Stay clear of making drastic changes quickly, as that will lead to frustration and cause you to want to quit. Instead, begin by adding small habits into your day until you do it without thinking. Once you are successful, the feeling of accomplishment and the feeling of improved health will build momentum for the next small habit.

The Power Of Daily Habits

Once I learned the power of daily habits, I could begin setting goals again. And you know what? It’s been FUN to start obtaining goals.

It’s possible to achieve things in life you’ve always wanted by setting big goals to get there – the trick is understanding that they don’t happen overnight, or within a couple of weeks. Goals require daily practice with small daily habits along the way to get there.

So, what habits are you going to set yourself for 2020?

Let’s Skip the Resolutions this Year

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