5 Real Benefits of Clinical Pilates for Athletes

Clinical Pilates combines traditional Pilates exercises along with physiotherapy, focusing on providing the correct exercises for athletes, including those recovering from an injury or who must work around specific conditions. It provides athletes with an exercise program aimed to meet their specific needs. Sport specific movements can even be added into the Pilates based exercises to improve performance.

Most of the world’s best athletes like Cristiano Ronaldo, Serena Williams, and Missy Franklin use Clinical Pilates to improve their overall sport performance.

Here are 5 real benefits of Clinical Pilates training for athletes:

1. Strengthening Power

Clinical Pilates focuses on maintaining a neutral spine and activating the core stability muscles that allow for improved load transfer (crucial for rotational sports), improves core strength, corrects and strengthens posture, gives better flexibility, improves coordination and body awareness, upgrades balance and circulation and thus increases overall athletic performance. Top athletes commonly use these treatment methods to improve their performance and reduce injury rates.

2. Repeated Injuries

We don’t need to tell you that repeated ankle strains and sprains, knee injuries, etc. can be a huge block for an athlete’s performance. Clinical Pilates works with the root cause of these reoccurring injuries and works to strengthen the athlete to improve their balance, coordination, and mobility.

3. Overused Injuries Treatment

Our bodies often take the path of least resistance when pushed to their limits and exhausted. This can cause large imbalances in the use of body parts. Clinical Pilates works to correct these imbalances with a combination of intrinsic muscle strengthening, flexibility training, and eccentric muscle strength and lengthening.

4. Major Injury Rehabilitation

In many cases, Clinical Pilates is beneficial in conservative pre-surgical and post-surgical treatment as exercise positions can be varied. With suspension training, springs can be changed to provide resistance or assistance, creating a safe, yet effective exercise setting for major injury recovery.

5. Connection and Stability to Body

Clinical Pilates is all about slow, controlled movements. It connects the body through breath and specific muscle patterning and allows athletes to improve their body awareness and mechanics, and muscle strengths and weaknesses. At the end of a long game, the body is tired. Pilates provides athletes with the mind body connection and muscular stamina to stay focused and in control with body movements.

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