5 Real Ways to Cope with Chronic Fatigue in the COVID-19 Era

With the way of the world today, dealing with chronic pain and chronic fatigue has only gotten harder. Staying inside, not going to appointments, and not having your traditional social interactions can make handling a chronic illness so much more difficult. It’s possible to overcome what you’re feeling right now and get better. You CAN get stronger and live a full life.

We at Actify know your struggle. We understand how difficult it can be to live your day to day life with chronic fatigue. And as you know, it’s never going to be easy. But there are ways to cope with it and get stronger. And it will always be worth it. So, how can you cope with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

1. Give yourself some credit! Did you wake up? Did you do what you could within your limitations? Then you are doing all that you can and that is all anyone can ask you to do, including yourself ;).

Ensure that you listen to your body. If you need to rest….REST. Take a load off and listen to the signals your body is telling you. If you choose to ignore the signs, then you will likely suffer the consequences.

2. Find things to occupy your mind! Whether it is reading, or art, or even meditation if you can do nothing else that day. Staying home all day every day can wreck havoc on our brains. Find ways to keep your brain busy while you're at home, it will do wonders for your fatigue. If all you can do is sleep, allow your body the time to do that (see number 1).

3. Ensure that you are taking vitamin supplements or medications if suggested by your physician and sticking with any prescribed exercise program. Remember that you cannot hope to be better if you don’t follow the suggested treatment plan. What if the treatment isn’t working? Ensure that you keep a journal of your progress and then present it to your physician for review. Remember that medications may need to be changed or dosages need to be adjusted to begin to see any benefit.

If you're not able to see your provider, be sure to look into telehealth options. Actify is currently offering teleconsultations to all clients. These consults can help with both #2 and #3 - giving you something to occupy your mind and ensuring you don't fall behind on your exercise program. We know chronic fatigue, through personal experiences of our staff, and we treat clients with chronic conditions regularly. We are here for you.

4. Find ways to hold on to hope! Whether it is your belief in yourself, and/or the virtual presence of good friends or family. Maybe it is your faith in a higher power, and maybe it would just be faith that modern medicine will catch up to help you. Hope is essential to staying afloat on this journey.

5. Take one day at a time! Every day is a new opportunity. You only lose out if you stop trying.

We all have a different and unique journey that we are on, and sometimes you feel you are helpless against the circumstance. Sometimes people and physicians just don’t get it. Because who can really understand your journey better than you? Sometimes it is up to us to lend that information to those around us, and to spread awareness so that someday there is more understanding and compassion in the world.

The world is a different place right now. It's important to prioritize taking care of yourself all of the time, but especially during a crisis like COVID-19. We are here to help. We're building a community of people who suffer from chronic pain but want to live a full life. We will share our best insider tips and advice, gleaned from decades of personal experience and treating clients with chronic pain. Interested in joining? Email info@actifypt.com with the subject line "Zebra Strong Network" and let us know.

We are here for you. Never let go, and never give up.

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