5 Tips for Staying Motivated with EDS

Life with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome is complicated. Some days you feel great and can tear through that to-do list. Other days, you may be riddled with chronic pain and fatigue and it can be difficult to just get out of bed, let alone tackle one thing on that to-do list. This can make it so difficult to stay motivated and get things done!

Here are 5 Tips on staying motivated when living with EDS:

1. Take it one step at a time

When you are struggling to stay motivated, everything may feel overwhelming. Take it one step at a time. On good days, this might mean taking one day at a time, while on a bad day, it may mean five minutes at a time.

2. Celebrate small wins

Set small goals and reward yourself when you accomplish them. Divide large tasks into small ones that are easier to handle and be sure to rest in between tasks. Breaking the day into small manageable chunks can make everything seem less overwhelming and give you many things to celebrate throughout the day.

3. Schedule time to rest

Plan time to rest and use this time to actually rest. Don’t think about all the things you still have to do after your rest break but use the time to quiet your mind and be still. Take breaks whenever you need to and don’t force yourself to push through fatigue if you can avoid it.

4. Do positive things for yourself

Planning small rewards for yourself can make it easier to stay motivated. Make plans with a friend, take a short walk, or practice self-care. A good support network can help you encourage and motivate each other.

5. Be kind to yourself

Setbacks and flare-ups can make it much harder to get things done. Be compassionate with yourself and remember that setbacks are not failures. You're doing a good job, grant yourself some grace and keep going, one step at a time.

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