Can Pilates Really Help My Game?

We’ve all gone to the gym, pounded out our workout, and definitely burned a few calories. But sometimes we don’t always feel great afterwards. Maybe we had to muscle our way through those last few reps. Or maybe that old nagging rotator cuff is trying to talk to you. That’s not something to ignore.

Whether your passion is golf, tennis, dancing, walking, or weight training, it can all start to feel like second nature. However, as we get more and more robotic, we gain speed and other muscles and joints become load bearing. With momentum, this can begin to aggravate the body and can cause injury.

Something as simple as breathing, proper sequencing, and understanding

cueing to make that mind-body connection can be a game changer. Pilates can help understand how to engage muscles properly while enabling coordination – simple principles that will completely up your game.

In our Pilates and Redcord practice, we work on the deep muscle stabilizers, helping bring to focus where you really move from. Anyone can raise their arm, but if it’s not done correctly, you will get that nagging rotator cuff that could turn into something much worse. Taking your mind-body interactions into play is not a step back but a step forward. With an intelligent approach to movement we can locate the faults, correct patterning, and move your game forward with a better understanding of your body.

We can better understand our day to day activities and prevent injury by looking at how our body moves. Repeating the same moves over and over again, improperly, will create imbalance. So time out. Take a moment to look at your patterns and habits. Pilates will allow you to identify these imbalances and help correct them immediately. Pilates can help you achieve your goals.

It’s important to know the difference between clinical Pilates and traditional Pilates. Clinical Pilates can also help alleviate Pain when traditional Pilates won’t. We have a multitude of resources on our website for both athletes and Pilates enthusiasts. Check it out:

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