• Serena D’Alessandro

EDS Doesn’t Go Away for the Coronavirus!

The coronavirus (COVID-19) is forcing everyone to adapt to new routines – but many of us with EDS are still going to experience the same old EDS symptoms. In fact, flare ups may become even more common now due to stress, decreased exercise, and more time spent at home on your computer. The important thing is that you don’t ignore it! Listen to your body and KEEP MOVING!

It can be nearly impossible when your social distancing or self-isolating to continue a “normal” routine. But it’s so important that you continue your prescribed exercises and get up and move every once in a while. Flare ups will only become more common, but you can help prevent them but following the recommendations of your physical therapist.

We are recommending that all EDS patients see their physical therapist at least once a week during this time. At Actify, this will take place as a telehealth visit where your PT will walk you through the movements necessary to continue to your progress and ensure you don’t slip back into old habits. We promise, this will do wonders for not only your physical health, but your mental health. Knowing that you are taking steps to manage your EDS pain, even in this time of uncertainty, will be a life-changer in this difficult time.

A few other EDS + COVID-19 resources can be found on the Ehlers-Danlos Society UK website. This page describes the combination of EDS and/or HSD and COVID-19. This pagehosts information on virtual support groups for anyone with EDS who is coping during COVID-19.

And as always, the Actify Family is here for you. We are still open during this and are opening up additional spots for everyone who now has more time on their hands.

When so much is out of your control right now, take your health back into your hands.

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