How Dehydration is Causing Your Back Pain

Do you feel like you’ve tried everything to reduce your back pain? Maybe you’ve tried every pain killer on the shelf, done every stretch or exercise anyone has ever recommended, and you still have back pain.

Well, there might be another culprit of your back pain that you haven’t thought about – dehydration!

I’m sure you’re wondering how water can have anything to do with that nagging pain in your back. The thing is, water makes up two thirds of our bodies and it is crucial to every single process that goes on inside of us – which is why we feel a lot better when we drink enough water.

But that’s too simple, you might be thinking, my back is much more complex than that. Let me explain how dehydration can be a contributing factor in your back pain:

Your back is made up of a bunch of bones, called vertebrae, stacked on top of each other. In between these bones of your spine, there lives a little disc that has a big responsibility. This disc works to help absorb shock on your spine, shielding your back from the damage of daily use leading to wear and tear.

Think about this disc like a jelly donut: it has a tough but flexible outer layer surrounding a squishy, jelly-like center. The jelly is made of – you guessed it – water!

These discs are made to lose water and then rehydrate. If there is not enough water available for the disc to absorb what it’s lost, then it can’t function as it’s supposed to. Since the jelly inside of the disc is made of water, it will shrink if not hydrated adequately, casing the outer layer to take on more of the stress when absorbing shock and supporting your spine. Eventually, this can cause swelling, and even a bulge or rupture in the disc’s outer shell. Ultimately, this dehydration leads to your back pain!

So, drinking more water helps to ensure there is plenty available for these discs to re-absorb, leading to an ease in your aches and pains.

If you want more tips for easing back pain, be sure to check out our free report with our top tips to keep active with less back pain, just go to this website to get your free copy.

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