Physical Therapy and Pilates: The Perfect Pair

We all know the joke: Patient “When I go like this my arm hurts.” To which the doctor responds: “Well, don’t do that!” With physical therapy, just “not moving” is never an option. Instead of telling the person in this scenario to avoid the movement altogether, we would say “let’s do it differently.”

People have muscle and skeletal pain most often because of one or more stressors occurring in joints or muscles. When we treat a patient, we are often working to help them change the mechanics of their movement and therefore decrease or eliminate the stressors. It’s one of the main reasons why we incorporate Pilates into our treatments. It’s also why most of our patients will tell you that it is often difficult to tell where physical therapy leaves off and fitness exercises begin. And that’s precisely the way it should be.

Pilates teaches correct movement throughout the whole body. Each exercise is carefully designed to direct and reinforce the way in which a healthy body should function. By practicing Pilates, you are strengthening your muscles correctly in a way that is conducive to all forms of exercise, as well as improving posture and balance. It’s a really great supplement to physical therapy because as you’re retraining or rehabilitating a specific part of your body, you have the opportunity to match that progress holistically.

Pilates based physical therapy is excellent for those at any age who want to start an exercise program but might be afraid of injury or pain. We offer a range of classes right out of our physical therapy practice, which gives you the opportunity to combine your rehabilitation sessions with some therapeutic, strength building exercise for the whole body.

Want to learn more? You can check out our class offerings on our website, here. If you’re ready to have a conversation with someone about how Pilates can help you on your way to healing, you can express your interest here and one of our team members will get in touch to learn more about your goals and how Pilates can help you reach them. We’d love to have you start your Pilates journey with us.

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