Sports Injuries: How to Avoid Time Off the Court By Doing What Top Pro Athletes Do

Let’s talk about what the top pro athletes do to keep on top of their game and stop a sports injury from getting in the way of their next match (Even if they’re currently suffering with aches and pains).

Earlier this year, Rafael Nadal suffered from an injury to his right hip. “One movement…I felt something,” he explained. And as you can imagine, one of the top tennis players in the country could not be forced to take time out from the sport. “In the next few days, I will be in sports rest and perform physiotherapy…in two weeks, I will be able to get back on the court.”

We see a lot of patients who enjoy keeping active, running, and playing sports (including tennis!). So, it’s important for them to strengthen their bodies to keep active and mobile and ensure they are not spending time “out” and off the court.

So let us tell you a story about one of our patients Carin…

Carin is a young lady who came to see us originally suffering with knee pain from spending too much time running, and not taking enough rest in between.

And because she is so active, Carin has suffered with a lot of other “niggly little injuries”, like ankle and calf muscle problems in the past too. None of them were “serious” – just frustrating niggles that got in the way from doing what she loves to do (running!). Before coming to see us, Carin admits that she put off coming for physical therapy because at first, her pain would always just come…and then go away.

So she kept putting it off until ‘next time’ she felt a twinge. But over time, injuries take longer to heal, and when Carin’s knee pain prevented her from running the marathon, enough was enough, so she decided to come see our team.

The funny thing is, Carin even told us when we first spoke that she knew that “all of the top athletes received regular physical therapy – even if they WEREN’T suffering with an injury, to stop anything becoming painful in the first place”.

And it’s true.

Dancers and tennis players, basketball stars and footballers, pretty much anyone who plays a sport for a living (or anyone who plays for a team regularly), will come for treatment on a regular basis to make sure they’re reducing the likelihood of an injury making them take “time-out” and affecting their performance.

So, if you’re just like our patient, Carin, and you’re suffering with an ache or pain that you think will “just go away”, we encourage you to do something about it before it becomes a real problem – and keeps you from doing what you love most.

P.S. You can download our special report titled “The 7 Secret Recovery Strategies That Only the Pro Athletes Know and Use” by clicking here: It’s a tips sheet we’ve made available for you containing all of the EXACT recovery tactics we use on professional tennis players that any person could follow.

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