Pre-Sport and Injury Prevention Program

Solve the problem before the injury happens!  This specific Pre-Sport Injury Program was designed to identify and  address any predisposing impairments that may lead to getting an injury during training, sports, or during a competition.  Designed by a board certified physical therapist, this screening will be able to target and treat any over-looked factors that will increase your injury risk as you sports train.

What if you could prevent a sport injury from happening?

Or identify factors that could predispose you to a season ending sports injury, like and ACL injury or ankle sprain?


This program entails:

1.  Functional Movement Screen Analysis

2.  Specific Muscle Strength Testing

3.  Individual Joint Mobility Assessment

4.  Workload Volume Assessment

5.  Accurate Diagnosis and Prognosis of Symptoms

6.  One-on-One care from Board Certified Specialist

7.  Individualized Home Exercise Program



How does the sports injury screen work?


Each movement, joint, and strength will be assessed during the evaluation, and get labelled as RED, YELLOW, or GREEN.  From this you are categorized as High, Moderate, or Low injury risk.  This will help dictate what is the appropriate action to take to help avoid an injury. Treatment then can begin to solve each impairment and reassessment  can be done to help progress to a green status to decrease injury risk.


RED = High Injury Risk.  Poor joint mobility, poor muscle strength, decrease range of motion, poor functional technique. I would advice to address these impairments prior to returning to training or starting activities to avoid injuries.


YELLOW = Moderate Injury Risk.  Mild impairments are present and should be addressed.  May continue with modified training.  May alter training to avoid aggravating activities for now until impairment is corrected or train at lower intensity to avoid injury.


GREEN = Low Injury Risk.  Good joint mobility, Good range of motion, Good strength.  Good functional movement.  Full go with no present impairments noted.


A recent study showed when implementing a pre injury movement screen, that 27/63 collegiate athletes labelled as Moderate to High Risk actually experienced an injury.  That is 43%! Athletes that fall into a High Risk ( Red and Yellow categories) are 3.4x more likely to get an injury than an athlete who scores as a Low Risk (Green category).  If these impairments could be addressed prior to competition, then maybe the injury can be avoided.



High and Moderate Injury Risk Athletes are 3.4x more likely to get injured!


Don’t wait for an injury to happen!  Be proactive! Schedule your INJURY SCREENING NOW!

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