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Actify Pilates

Private Pilates Sessions

Learn Pilates from Experts and Get Stronger in a Friendly Environment!

With a regular practice of Pilates, you’ll experience:

Less Back Pain – Better Posture – More Flexibility – Better Coordination – Leaner Body – Less Stress – Deeper Breath – Stronger Core – More Energy!

Our team of Physical Therapists and Pilates instructors work together to ensure you get the BEST and most expert instruction.

We offer private, one-on-one Pilates instruction to give you top notch care with our dedicated team of professionals.

Private and semi-private Pilates sessions are performed on specialized Pilates equipment (like the Reformer, PilatesStick, or other apparatus) with our certified and experienced Pilates expert.

These sessions are perfect for someone who wants to get even more out of our small group classes – or any other workout for that matter. Private sessions are ideal for someone who is brand new to Pilates or recovering from an injury. And they are also perfect for the super busy person who prefers making their own schedule.


Who Should Consider Private Pilates?

  • You're brand new to Pilates and want to learn the basics before trying on of our group classes

  • You've got back pain, or are recovering from another injury, and want one-on-one attention to get your core strength back properly and safely.

  • You're looking for an individualized workout experience that is easy on your joints, and improves your strength and mobility from the inside-out

  • You've looking for a different kind of workout experience, or want to enhance your current strength routine - do you KNOW all the different things that can be done on a Pilates machine?

Want to know if a Private Pilates Session can help you?

Talk with one of our instructors and find out which of our Pilates programs is best for you!

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