REDCORD from Neurac Treatment To Home Exercise

What is NEURAC?


NEURAC Redcord sling treatment is a painless method of treatment where you learn to use your body more appropriate. The slings hanging from the roof of a bench and adjustable in such a way as to work out parts of the body and relieve other parts. It is therefore an active treatment method in which you are working at a level where you connect with muscles.


The purpose is to teach the brain again how the interaction between muscles and nerves in the body should be. The aim is to achieve better function and less pain so you can do the activities you want.


NEURAC sling treatment consists of four basic elements:


• Body weight bearing exercises

• Unstable

• Vibration

• Painless Approach


In the treatment done exercises that stimulate inactive muscles to reconnect and overactive muscles to work in concert with the others. One must get the brain to reprogram muscle activation. Redcord Stimula is a vibratory apparatus for more challenge for brain signals and reduce pain. The result is improved muscle interaction, muscular control and balance, as well as increased strength and endurance. Part of the treatment is also on where you need to focus in self-training in order to get long-lasting effect and / or can so you know what to do if you experience a relapse.


The treatment and the supervision carried out by certified NEURAC practitioner who have taken all courses and passing the exam in the treatment method Neurac.

Who can benefit from the Neurac treatment?


Any muscle disorders can be treated with sling treatment regardless of shape and age. We have very good experience with treating recurrent and newly acquired pains in the neck, shoulder and back. Pelvis, hip, knee, calf and foot are also areas where the sling therapy can help. You can read more about the ailments we treatments here. Neurac method is used both to reduce and prevent ailments, but also as a performance-enhancing training.

Why sling treatment?


Redcord is a treatment and exercise method that is based on scientific studies and has proven effect on musculoskeletal disorders. Treatment should be virtually pain free, or should not make your pain worse. Redcord treatment  is fully customized and can show immediate effect for patients of all ages, as well as excellent results in training for amateurs as well as professional athletes.


You learn about your body and what muscles that need to be activated, so that you can easily work with exercises on their own after treatment.

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