Running Injury Program

The Running Injury Clinic caters to the avid runner trying to return to training or participating in races. This program combines highly skilled physical therapists with cutting edge technology. Consisting of a personal evaluation, video analysis, and personal exercise/training recommendations to get you back to 100%.  

Motion Analysis and Running Training


The physical therapists in our Running Injury Clinic have extensive training in video motion analysis and are runners themselves. Our combination of personal and professional experience, combined with technology (previously available ONLY for elite athletes) creates a high caliber program to help you run healthy. 


What does this Running Injury Program include:


Injury History: A study of previous injuries experienced by runners can decrease future injury risk by 3x. 


Posture, Strength and Flexibility: Each Running Injury Clinic is designed around you, your body and your gait. By evaluating posture, strength and flexibility, or running injury the clinician will be able to better adjust your rehabilitation and get you back to the pavement sooner! 


Video Motion Analysis: We will review YOUR biomechanics and correlate findings to deficits found in posture, strength and flexibility. This comprehensive analysis will look at the entire runner head to toe. 


Individualized Exercise Program: Your program will target any findings/deficiencies in the video analysis. The goal is to limit any habits that could increase injury risk or compromise optimum training/performance. 


Footwear Recommendations: Our specialists will make recommendations specific to your feet, gait and foot-strike pattern.


Training Recommendations: Specific training details will be left to you or your coaches, but we will give safe guidelines to increasing mileage and running intensity based on current injuries or injury history.


Individualized Home Recovery Program: You will receive a home exercises program specially tailored to your needs to expedite your recovery.


Individualized follow up program: 1 month consultation period after completion of program for any other questions or concerns.



 No surgery! No Injections!


Pain free in fewer visits.  Get back to running sooner!


Facts to ponder on your next run:

  • 60% of running injuries have been attributed to training error, mostly mileage and intensity 

  • Runners with no prior experience are 2-3x more likely to be injured  

  • Up to 65% of runners experience an annual injury; incidents of those training for a marathon has been found to be as high as 90% 

  • In a 25 year study, there were 3-4 injuries per 1000 hours of running

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