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Specialized PT for Chronic Fatigue and Chronic Pain

Specialized PT for Chronic Fatigue and Chronic Pain

Has your chronic illness, fatigue and pain taken away your ability to enjoy your life and your family? Have you been let down by the traditional healthcare model where you are limited to one or two complaints per treatment course? At Actify we understand your frustration and we are here to help you! Chronic patients require more than just the one size fits all physical therapy style. A chronic diagnosis is a result of a multiple system dysfunction, and for this reason a whole body approach is the only way to recover your body's balance, that's why Dr Perretto designed this groundbreaking Program for Chronic Fatigue and Pain.


For over 25 years Dr. Perretto and her team have specialized in finding the root causes of symptoms, even on the  most complex cases, and delivering solutions for the most difficult problems. By using our specialized assessments created by Dr. Perretto, our clinicians can effectively target these dysfunctions and help you make the corrections needed to improve your overall health.

Once your Actify Multi-System Evaluation is completed, we will explain in detail the approach to be taken as well as estructure needed for  your personalized series of visits. And because "Knowledge is Power", we will explain in detail what is happening to your body and how we will achieve the results your are looking for. Once you get started, you will be taking a journey through our ”Actify Foundations Program”, a specially designed multi-level system that will deliver effective, yet gentle exercises and activities to reset your body. This program focuses not only on the movement patterns that result in added stress to the body, but takes into consideration the individual needs of each patient to exercise tolerance, including Mast Cell Activation Disorder and Histamine release in the body during exercise, as well as Autonomic nervous System (ANS) regulation exercises and activities. With the "Actify Foundations Program" You will experience a gentle yet effective transition from the "Fight-and Flight" to "Rest and Recover" state, along with increase in cardiovascular endurance, joint stability and muscle strength overtime.

As part of your visits you will also benefit from advanced manual therapy techniques including myofascial and trigger point releases, lymphatic drainage, and muscle energy techniques that will address postural restrictions and hypersensitive areas. As your body heals you will noticed improved ability to participate in your favorite activities and enjoy life with less pain and physical limitations.

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