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Actify Pilates Rehabilitation

Small Group Specialized Pilates Sessions

Do you get lost or feel intimidated in classes of 20+ people?

Recovering from an injury, and nervous about returning to exercise?

Looking for a class that strengthens you from the inside-out, takes into account your injuries and chronic issues and is easy on your joints, and taught by clinical movement experts not just the usual instructor?

Look no further!

Our group classes are kept small in size, to ensure you get an individualized experience. We focus on strengthening your whole body from the inside out, and use props, springs, and your own body resistance to target the deepest muscles and enhance your core training experience.  Our instructors are expertly trained, highly certified and movement specialists. They meet regularly with our Physical Therapy team, so you can be confident that your body is always well-cared for and closely watched in every class.

Want to know if Small Group Pilates training is right for you?

Who Should Consider Our Small Group Classes?

  • You want a class that strengthens your core WITHOUT stressing your joints

  • You're worried about back pain or are recovering from an injury - and want to work with experts who understand this.

  • You enjoy having fun and receiving compliments - we like to laugh, crack jokes, and your friends will be telling you how much better your posture looks!

  • You like being taken care of - we provide everything you need and will nurture your Pilates practice

  • You value individualized attention over large, overcrowded classes - we never work with more than 5 people

  • You're not just looking for a class - but a community of people who are happy to see you and miss you when you're gone.

Class Schedule

Give us a call to determine which class is going to be best for you and your goals and when that class typically meets.

Want to know if a Small Group Pilates Session can help you?

Talk with one of our specialists and find out which of our Pilates Rehabilitation programs is best for you!

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