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Success Stories

"I am a healthcare lawyer of 30 years & a Registered Nurse. I have critiqued and analysed hundreds of healthcare providers over the years. Dr Perretto is unbelievably skilled and knowledgeable as an orthopaedic therapist. She has been helping me recover from surgery for torn muscle and tendon in my hip. She is extraordinarily committed to understanding and explaining what is going on and directing effective interventions. She is flexible in her treatment plans and does not stick to cookie cutter approaches as I have experienced with other Physical Therapists. I am now able to walk my dog around the neighborhood without pain for even longer distances than before injury. She is charming and a delight to work with. You are in superb hands if she willing and available to accept your case!"

Bonnie E.

"Dr. Perretto is a true professional and a master in her area of orthopedic therapy. She personally caters every physical therapy rehabilitation program to benefit each patient's needs and ability. Before being referred to Dr. Perretto I worked with countless Physical Therapists each time not fully reaching rehabilitation. When I was finally referred to Dr. Perretto as a bilateral hip labrum reconstruction patient, I was in constant pain and had little to no control over my hypermobility let alone aware I was hypermobile. Dr. Perretto created a personalized program to fit my needs and through the one-on-one sessions was able to get me pain free, stronger and educated about hypermobility. She recently rehabilitated me through my last labral repair and at 15 weeks post op I am stronger and further along with my physical therapy program than any of my other surgeries. She cares for her patients as if they were family and always goes the extra mile to ensure her patients reach their goals."

Milissa R.

"I had the good fortune of working with Marcia post hip surgery. Her knowledge, skill, and support made all the difference in my recovery. I learned a great deal about my own body and self-care. I am now able to return to my Yoga practice teaching several classes per day without pain or limitations. Very grateful for her talents and kindness!"

Louise G.

"Last summer I tore my hamstring. Due to the incident that I had, activities like hiking, Golf, tennis, or anything having to do with jogging or running were without a doubt all out of the question.

With Actify Physiotherapy latest techniques I was able to notice a difference after my first visit. About 6 weeks after starting PT, I completed a 10K without difficulty and I ran the whole way. I'm actually writing this just after getting off the race.

Because of Actify PT, I'm now training for a full marathon. I wouldn't have thought of attempting a full marathon without receiving my treatment. Also, I can't imagine a friendlier staff anywhere else. Everything about my experience was positive. "

Thaisa M.

"5++++ Stars!!! Dr. Perretto is one of a kind, an absolute professional who truly cares about the patient. Her level of commitment, knowledge, expertise, creativity, care & concern is remarkable. As a long term athlete, I have had quite a variety of experiences in the realm of Physical Therapy/Sports Medicine and there is of no comparison, for the dedication to patient care is truly unmatched! No two patients are the same, diverse in our needs and Dr. Perretto is certainly the professional committed to assisting & participating fully in your unique road to recovery, wellness & strength. Many Thanks!!!"

Jennifer H.


"If you’re looking for a one of a kind physical therapy experience, Actify Physiotherapy is the place to be. I am definitely a special case when it comes to health. I have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (Hypermobility), which means nearly all of my joints tend to dislocate and/or tear. I started seeing Dr. Perretto after my second of three hip surgeries, and I have gone twice a week for approximately two years. She has been nothing but a help to my health. She helped me realize why I kept finding “new” joint problems and went out of her way to refer me to other doctors to help diagnose my Hypermobility. Dr. Perretto genuinely cares about her patients and is incredibly knowledgeable. She always finds a way to make things better. My jaw has been dislocating a lot lately, but it has become much more stable and hurts a lot less after therapy with her. She has helped in the stabilization of many of my joints and has eased me of great deals of pain. As a therapist, she goes above and beyond! I’d never want to go to anyone else!"

Tiana M.

"I have dealt with severe joint hypermobility my whole life. This has affected my mobility, but use of orthotics had been keeping things under control. However, over the last couple of years I have developed a neuropathy in my right leg, probably due to nerves getting compressed from having extremely flat feet.

I have been to other PT's who didn't know what to do to help me, and it is a real blessing that I have found Dr. Peretto, who is an expert in the area of joint hypermobility. Since I have been working with her I have been rebuilding strength and gaining balance. My numbness in my foot and my drop foot have been significantly improving, and I am having a much easier time walking and managing daily activities.

If you have physical issues due to joint hypermobility, I very highly recommend Dr. Perretto."

Marissa M.

"It was a shock to be diagnosed with a severe hip deformity. After visiting several hip specialist, surgery seemed to be the only answer. When I asked the doctors about the possibility of doing physical therapy, they're immediate answer was no- unless it is performed by Dr. Marcia Perretto because she is the only person around who is educated and skilled to handle a case as complicated as mine. I've been working with Dr. Perretto for over two months now, and have been able to successfully manage my pain. Her exuberant personality makes physical therapy not only beneficial to my body, but also enjoyable. She's the best!"

Jeri F.

"I am a dentist and health care administrator and therefore have a medical background and can be considered an expert when making a professional referral. As a result of a slip and fall I sustained a both a torn rotator cuff injury of my shoulder and a labral tear of my hip. I spent three months obtaining physical therapy both pre-op and post-op, at a physical therapy clinic owned by an orthopedic surgeon which was staffed by a physical therapist and a physical therapist assistant. They administered care to as many as six patients at one time. Most of the sessions were spent on stationary equipment or being "iced" at the end of the session. After my hip surgery, my orthopedic surgeon referred me to Dr. Marcia Medina (Actify Physiotherapy). Unlike my previous experience, I was always the only patient in her office and she devoted 100% of her attention to me during the session. Dr Perretto is extremely knowledgeable and has more advanced training than most other therapists. I highly recommend her."

Richard C.


"I have tears in the labrum of each hip. I first started having pain in 2007. I saw numerous doctors and had physical therapy twice. Finally in the beginning of 2011 the doctors figured out I had torn cartilage. I met with 4 surgeons and was told I need surgery to fix the problem. I planned to take a year of school in 2014 and have 2 hip surgeries. Based on my fluctuating pain levels and the fact that I am hypermobile (which I learned is actually a real thing) the surgeon recommended I have some physical therapy before the surgeries. I was skeptical since I had already been to physical therapy on 2 separate occasions and it was a huge waste of time. Plus my insurance wasn’t going to cover it this time around. I started going to Dr. Marcia Perretto at the very end of 2013. I have always been active and exercised but apparently I was doing it all wrong. I inadvertently was using the wrong muscles to everything. I have been playing sports and dancing since middle school and no one ever told me!! Dr. Perretto taught me how to walk properly, stand properly, and how to exercise properly. I have learned that activating the correct muscles through proper technique is the most important thing to pay attention to while exercising. Dr. Perretto basically did neuromuscular reconditioning with me for months. I remember when we first started I could barely do any of the exercises she taught me. My body automatically used the wrong muscles to move which made the weak ones even weaker.The instability in my torso and hips was severe. When I started the pain was at a 5-6 most of the time. 3 months later I had an appointment with the surgeon to schedule the first surgery and obtain my pre-operation paperwork. During his review of my hips he learned how much better I felt. I had a noticeable reduction in pain. The surgeon recommended I work with Dr. Perretto for a longer period and then we would reassess in a few more months. Long story short I continued to see Dr. Perretto every week. 6-8 months ago we went down to every other week. It has been just over 2 years since my first visit and my pain level is consistently 2-3 with an occasional level 4. I only have severe pain when I don’t exercise or sit for long periods of time. Working with Dr. Perretto has taught me about what triggers my pain. As long as I continue to do the exercises Dr. Perretto taught me and follow her plan I feel really good. Dr. Perretto also encouraged me to purchase a pilates reformer, similar to the one at her office, so I can get the same work out at home. She even sent me the amazon link to make it easier to buy. She has always gone above and beyond during my treatment and has been great about moving my appointments to meet my busy school and work schedule. She shares treatment methods with me and gives me the information so I can read up on it. Such recently gave me information on prolotherapy. Meeting Dr. Perretto has changed my life. If it wasn’t for her I would have had 2 surgeries and my level of stability in the torso and hips wouldn’t be where it is today. I have been able to continue taking ballet lessons have been able to return to many of the athletics I liked before I was injured. I still have tears in the cartilage of my hips, but with the knowledge Dr. Perretto has instilled the injury is no longer debilitating. – One last thing. Dr. Peretto has a vast knowledge of how the body works and truly understands what hypermobility is and how to treat it. I would highly recommend her to anyone that suffers from pain/ tightness in there joints and muscles."

Cheryl K.

Dr. Perretto provides an outstanding amount of care to me. I'm so glad that I found her! She helped me a lot with an injury and provided follow up information outside of our appointments as well. I highly recommend Dr. Perretto and her extremely professional yet friendly practice.

Ana C.


Dr.P has been very thorough in treating my chronic low back issues . She explains in detail what is going on with my symptoms and provides ongoing recommendations (on demand) between sessions. She communicates well and requires feedback in order to assess necessary changes to my treatments. Although she expects me to work hard with at home exercises my progress has been very good! She is a professional who has taken a sincere interest in ensuring my condition is improving. I would easily recommend Dr. P.

Drew N.

Dr Perretto is one of a kind. I knew she was unique when she actually personally called me to interview me before the first visit. On our first meeting she was through and detailed on my examination. She explained each step of my rehabilitation process and was very reassuring on how we would accomplish my goals. The journey was long but well worth. I had daily assigned exercises and was placed on postural recommendations to avoid further injury. I highly recommend her to anyone in need.

Carlos C.

Dr. Perretto is committed to her patients achieve the road of wellness. Her expertise, level of commitment/compassion and dedication exemplifies the true meaning of total patient care. I had bi-lateral hip replacement on May 10th, a couple of setbacks, now 4 weeks later, under the care of Dr. Perretto I am walking with very little use of a cane! Looking forward to continuing my PT w/Dr P.

Jennifer B.

Dr. Perretto is wonderful. She continues to help me manage my pain on a daily basis. She is kind and understanding, which makes it easy to establish and maintain a great relationship. If I have any questions or need her, she responds to my text message or phone call with in hours. I highly recommend Dr. Marcia Perretto.

Anonymous In Healthgrades.

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