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Events and Workshops for Hypermobile Bodies

Find out more about our exclusive health education classes specifically designed to help you take control of your hypermobility symptoms

We realize that some people may be a little “unsure”, nervous and skeptical about what can be done to help ease their EDS/HSD, POTS, exercise intolerance symptoms…

Our classes are designed specifically to help you understand how to take action to improve your symptoms and to allow you to conquer your life back!

It could be that you’re not sure if Physical Therapy is right for you and worried about if it will actually work for what you’ve got. It could be that you have had a bad experience somewhere in the past, and don’t want to make the same mistake again, or maybe you just want to get a solid second opinion about what to do for the best...

If that’s you, then be confident in knowing that these educational classes are perfect for someone like you.


Specifically, here’s who will benefit:

  • You experience a lot of symptoms that affect most of your daily activities

  • You suffer with significant exercise intolerance

  • All those painkillers you take don’t seem to make any difference

  • You experience your joints frequently “giving out”, or your knees  or shoulders “giving way”

  • You had surgery to stabilize a joint - but the recovery you were hoping for, never arrived

  • You’ve been told by your Doctor that “nothing can be done” and you should just “rest” or “take pills”

  • The only way you get some relief from your pain or dislocations is when you wear braces and avoid activities

  • You have to rely on others to help you get around

  • Your POTS symptoms are all over and interfering with your day-to-day activities

  • If you are confused about what foods can help you decrease your inflammation

  • Your physical therapist doesn't understand how to treat EDS/HSD

  • You suffer from repeat migraines and headaches

  • You struggle to turn your neck far enough even to look over your shoulder, or reach above your head without shoulder pain

  • You feel pain, dizziness, visual disturbances, nausea each time you look over your shoulder up or down which makes it hard to go about your day without agonising neck, jaw or shoulder pain

  • You’re afraid that your joint pain and instability (and quality of life) will get worse if you don’t do something about it soon, and will limit your quality of life

  • You’ve so far been given less than satisfactory advice by your doctors or other healthcare professionals and you want to finally find out what can be done

  • Physical therapy only treated one or two body parts and you need more!

  • If you need to learn to better connect with your body and to be able to actively be part of your recovery

Workshops Offered

  • The Hypermobility Secrets Workshop - Free

  • The Hypermobility Blueprint Course

  • The Whole Body Journey for Hypermobility Course

  • Detox your Hypermobile Life Course

  • The Mobility Framework Course

  • The Stability Framework Course

Here's Exactly What to Expect When you Come To One of Our Workshops

  • First, you’ll be in a room (virtual or in-person) full of like-minded people just like you who want to find out exactly what can be done once and for all to help you conquer your Ehlers-Danlos syndrome and Joint hypermobility Spectrum Disorders

  • We’ll get a chance to find out all about you, your main concerns, including how we can help you with other symptoms that affect your ability to exercise like POTS, MCAS, exercise intolerance, craniocervical instability in among other symptoms

  • How to make the best decision about choosing the right treatment for you POTS, EDS/HSD, exercise intolerance, and more

  • The single biggest mistake that most people with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and joint hypermobility are making - that actually makes it worse

  • Why you’ve been suffering with pain for so long - and what to do about it to stop it from getting worse

  • The 4 most common causes of worsening symptoms when you have EDS/HSD, MCAS, POTS, CCI

  • What successful treatment and long-lasting relief looks like without the side-effects or medication, pills or surgery

  • What brought on your symptoms in the first place - and specific actionable advice for what you can do about it

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