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Virtual Physical Therapy

Teleconsult Virtual Physical Therapy

Are you looking for a Physical Therapy option that will allow you stay in the comfort of your own home while still getting the help that you deserve?

Do you want to work with Florida's leading EDS specialist but don't live locally? *Must live in the state of Florida

Do you want to get back to doing what you LOVE without having to constantly go to another office on the other side of town?

If you were in the middle of a Plan of Care when COVID-19 struck, how long would you have to wait to get back to your Physical Therapist? We care too much about our clients to let them lose all of the progress that they've worked so hard to make. We also know we specialize in a rare disorder (EDS and Hypermobility) that most Physical Therapists don't know how to treat. This is why we offer teleconsults to all of our clients who live in Florida. You are probably asking:

5 Tips for Success in Telehealth Physical Therapy

5 Tips for Success in Telehealth Physical Therapy

"Can I get the same results through teleconsult as I do coming in to the office?"

Yes! While manual therapy is part of many of our treatments, it’s certainly not the be-all-end-all. We believe in empowering you through movement, not just through our hands-on treatment and we are able to treat you with movement through teleconsult.

Does this sound like you?

Many of our clients are busy and don't want to come all the way across town for one more appointment during their already busy week. We also treat clients from all over the country who do not have an EDS or Hypermobility specialist in their area. We are able to do this through teleconsults.

The Process


For new clients we will always start with an evaluation:

  • Past medical history + subjective – The majority of a diagnosis comes from a patient’s subjective report of the injury and their past medical history

  • Screen for red flags and note tests that require in-person attention – We will never sell you a bum horse. If we’re not able to treat you over teleconsults, we will tell you. You will know if you’ll need to come into the office at any point.

  • Functional Movement Screen – this is perhaps the most important part of the evaluation. We will observe your movements and note any unusual movements, pain, or compensatory strategies.



  • Patient Education: Just like onsite treatments, interventions will focus on helping patients understand their diagnoses and steps they will need to take to improve their function

  • Therapeutic exercise: Exercises are prescribed remotely, and patients will show return demonstrations for the PT.

  • Optional in-office treatments

Are you ready to take your life back and get back to doing what you love without having to leave your home?

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