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Pilates Rehabilitation  for Pain

Pilates Rehabilitation for Pain

Pilates Rehabilitation

Clinical Pilates accomplishes all of the things a traditional Pilates class does: lean muscles, better posture, and improved flexibility and circulation. But Clinical Pilates takes you a step further. With your own, one-on-one teacher, you will develop a personalized exercise program to address your own individual needs. Here at Actify PT, you will be seen by both a physical therapist and a clinical Pilates specialist to ensure your program is the best it can be for you and your needs. By having your program tailored to your individual needs, you will see the results that you actually want much faster.

And results aren't simply about toning up, losing weight, or gaining strength. By training your body to move correctly, clinical Pilates minimizes stress and strain felt by your body when it moves, maximizing the efficiency at which your body works to give you greater strength, speed, and flexibility.

Clinical Pilates is also a powerful tool for injury rehabilitation. An effective rehabilitation program will take the form of gentle, targeted strengthening exercises for the injured body part and the weaker body areas that predisposed the body to injury in the first place, as well as re-balancing exercises for the other areas of the body as required.

Clinical Pilates Checklist

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Pilates for Scoliosis

Pilates for Scoliosis is a specialized three-dimensional exercise program for Scoliosis which aims to prevent an increase in curvature while also preserving and improving your functionality. The program is designed for each individual case of scoliosis, ensuring proper care is taken for every patient in a 1-on-1 environment. Pilates has helped

over 50,000 patients, making  surgery an unnecessary option. Pilates will make a difference even when it seems that nothing will relieve the back ache. Many Pilates instructors are unaware of the abnormal mechanics of the scoliosis spine during movement. These exercises will positively impact the scoliosis client who wants to maintain fitness while minimizing the destructive forces on his/her spine.

Pilates for Osteoporosis

Pilates for Osteoporosis is a unique, Pilates-based workout that uses bone-strengthening techniques while emphasizing alignment and balance. 

6 Easy Clinical Pilates Exercises you can do at Home!

This specially build sequence is medically-endorsed for movement, bone and joint health. It leverages bone-strengthening and balance techniques along with Pilates, functional movement, strength training and therapeutic exercise. Toning your arms, hips, back and abs. It also improves posture, is adaptable to varying levels, and is even safe for those with osteoporosis.

At Actify we use specialized exercises combined with the latest advances in exercise science for Osteoporosis to strengthen your bones and make your body stronger.

6 Easy Clinical Pilates Exercises


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