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Massage Therapy

Swedish Massage

A gentle, full body and therapeutic massage offering relaxation and stimulation of your senses at the same time.  It is therapeutic in the sense of increasing your lymphatic circulation and your blood flow.  This helps your nervous system calm down, taking you from fight or flight to rest and digest, and increases the energy and blood flow which in turn improves your rate of healing and POTS symptoms.  Noninvasive and comforting. 

Swe-Thai Massage

A tabletop experience of the traditional Mat/Thai massage.  You will engage in a relaxing experience that opens up your joints and energy lines in order to feel loose and invigorated. This is a great energy producer for the active person who feels run down. The stretching and movements offered in this treatment are not recommended for someone who is moderately to severely Hypermobile.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue offers muscle release and full body therapeutic massage to release muscle aches and strains in order to perform better with your sports or daily activities.  This is for someone who is typically more active and suffering from that issue that keeps coming back.  We elongate and apply pressure to release that muscle strain or recurrent spasms in a deeper and more focused massage. 


With this treatment we integrate the cupping modality into a relaxing massage in order to promote mobility and circulation. This will also help with reducing pain, painful trigger points, and fascial adhesions. This comes with a warning of possible bruising and markings from the blood circulation increase in certain areas, but the lasting benefits of the cupping are recommended for almost anyone.

Trigger Point Release

Do you have that lingering knot that you just can’t get rid of??  We are here to help!  This massage offers you a chance to relax and release those nagging muscles that have been bound up in tension.  We will focus on those trigger points to release them and the tension in your body.  This includes the specific area of tension and treating the full body to that therapeutic relaxation that so many of us need.

Hot Stone Massage

Come to relax!  This is a peaceful, warm and comforting treatment that lets the heat from the stones settle deep into your muscles to promote release of the tension throughout your body.  Here you will enjoy the comfort of warmth mixed with the increase of circulation throughout your body to promote healing by improving lymph and blood flow throughout the whole-body.

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