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These classes have been carefully designed by Dr. Marcia Perretto, PT, DPT, COMT and our Movement Rehabilitation Specialist, Darby Diaz, MS, ATC to include the scope and sequence of exercises specifically designed for those with joint hypermobility, POTS/Dysautonomia, exercise intolerance and chronic pain. 

Movement Integration

Our signature class that utilizes Yoga, Pilates, and Movement Science principles to help you improve your overall condition. In this holistic whole-person approach with added balance challenges, and movement through space you will explore and learn new ways to exercise and improve muscle strength and joint stability.


Yoga for Hypermobility

Learn how to practice yoga while protecting your joints and building muscle strength and joint control. With specifically modified poses and guidance you will learn how to enjoy the so loved Yoga without overstretching your body, and better yet: you will build a strong foundation and joint stability that you may never thought possible!

Pilates for Rehabilitation 

Learn the true Pilates way for rehabilitation, the way Joseph Pilates created it be! In this whole-body exercise experience we will tailor all movements and sequences to address your needs injuries to promote agility, strength, and good posture.

Pilates for Hypermobility

Learn whole-body sequences that have been specifically designed to strengthen the muscles that support your joints to ease discomfort from hypermobility, as well as improve your proprioception, spatial awareness and build connective tissue resilience.

Who are these classes for:

  • If you experience increased symptoms every time you go to a one-size-fits-all studio or gym class

  • If you suffer with exercise intolerance and find regular studio classes are too fast paced for you

  • If you experience your joints frequently “giving out”, or your knees  or shoulders “giving way” when you attend a regular group class

  • If you had surgery to one or more joints and now you are not sure if you will end up hurting yourself on a regular class

  • You suffer with POTS and you feel unsafe in a big class made with only fitness in mind

  • You are confused about what exercises and modifications are right for you

  • Your instructor or trainer doesn't understand the special needs and modifications for people with EDS/HSD, POTS, etc.

  • You suffer from repeat migraines and headaches after regular physical activity

  • You feel increased pain, dizziness, visual disturbances, nausea often after a fitness group activity

  • You’re afraid that your joint pain and instability may get worse if you do the wrong exercises

  • You rather be in a community of people that knows first hand what is to have the same symptoms you experience

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