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Redcord semi-privates offer gentle and effective classes of neuromuscular training at different levels.


Only 4 participants per class, so you get close monitoring of the physical therapist!


We offer the following:


  • Redcord Technique training (close supervision!)

  • Redcord core training (focus back / pelvis)

  • Redcord Well Adult

  • Redcord Pregnant

  • Redcord Sport Specific


All classes will help you to use correct technique, acquire strength and get motivated. All classes are thought by a physical therapist who is an expert in suspension training, with experience and interest from classes.


If you are not formerly a customer of ours, we require taking an hour to get a functional test and survey the your physical level prior to joining a group class. The goal: Learn proper technique - become stronger - be motivated.


Training with Redcord are effective for both supporting musculature and movement musculature. In suspension training body must be stabilized while doing strength exercises. Muscle interplay trained and you achieve functional strength. Suspension training is used both as a performance-enhancing, injury prevention and rehabilitative exercise.


By taking semi-private classes in suspension training, you can learn something new, get a better effect of your training and learn more about drills and technique.


Registration is open - sign up now! (Maximum 4, and a minimum of 2 students)

If you have questions or would want group lessons send an email to or call us at 561-366-2435.

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