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The Actify Approach

The name ACTIFY developed out of our passion for wellness of both the body and the mind. The activation of our minds is essential to the success of our physical health. In rehabilitation of the body, neuroplasticity allows our brains to create new positive and powerful neural connections to override painful, ineffective and self-limiting habits and movement patterns. Neurons that fire together, wire together. So, if we focus on new efficient and effective functional movement patterns, we will build stronger, positive neural pathways. We can re-educate your nervous system through a hands on approach that creates uniquely chosen therapeutic activities for you. From restoring your posture to re-creating functional and pain-free movement patterns, when we activate the connection between body and mind, you get better quicker.

Rather than focus only on your injury, we treat your whole body. Pain and injuries often come from imbalances, misalignment, or instability in the muscles, joints, soft tissue, and bone throughout the body and not just at the site of pain. If your body isn’t treated as a whole, you run the risk of having the same injury again or worse. From your first session, we get to work releasing muscle restrictions and restoring natural movement. For you, the impact is immediate, and it lasts.We work together with you to provide you with a multilayered treatment. We take the time to get to know you and ensure that our treatment will evolve as you get stronger. And when injury is no longer a limitation, we can help you optimize your body’s function with the same high level of attention using advanced methods of training.

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