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The Importance Of The Mind, Body, Spirit Connection To Healing!

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

Most of us by now have more than likely heard the term Holistic Health, but do we really understand it or its role as it relates to health? Simply put, Holistic Health is a perspective to life that originated over 5,000 years ago both in China and India. This ancient approach to health emphasized living a healthy life that harmonizes with nature. It focused upon the connection of mind, body and spirit as a whole! Perhaps Socrates said it best “for the part can never be well unless the whole is well.” Let that marinate for a bit, for our ancestors were most certainly on to something!

Now while Holistic Health has been around for ages, it wasn’t until recent years when it began to gain some momentum and why not? We live in an era of tremendous imbalance and people today are growing increasingly concerned for their health. In today’s society with disease, chronic illness, stress, anxiety, depression becoming ever more prevalent, people are now seeking medical alternatives and better options to wellness.

With that being said, Holistic Health principles view wellness as whole, meaning health encompasses much more than just being ill, injured or disease. Just like nature cannot sustain itself without all components operating together, nor can we as humans! So when one component of our body is not optimally functioning, it greatly affects all others. This is why it is essential that healthcare focus’ upon the entire picture; emotional, mental, spiritual and physical!

So if you haven’t bought into this way of life, your time is now! Not tomorrow, not next week, right at this moment! Holistic Health is ever evolving, it’s a lifestyle, a choice and requires your commitment. Your choices greatly impact your overall health, so no matter what your current state of health, you can always improve your state of well being. The U.S Centers for Disease Control report the following statistics related to the key components that impact and individuals state of health. Medical care quality 10%, genetics 18%, environment 19% and get ready for it…..your lifestyle choices ring in at a whopping 53%.

Now no one is minimizing the importance of medicine as it relates to health, but it most certainly not the only component. Life is about balance and that is what Holistic Health is truly about. Illness, disease and pain extend far beyond our physical body. It’s time we realize, that in order to experience a healthy body we must also include the complete environment in which the body exists.

There is no longer any doubt about the mind, body, spirit connection as it relates to healing, so its only to your benefit to begin learning how to take advantage of this ever so important relationship. When you make the choice for healing the mind, body and spirit, you also increase your chances of getting well. This process begins with you, there is no magic potion, no cure all but rather a journey, a voyage in which you are the captain of. Our bodies are capable of incredible things but not without the help of its counterparts!

The Importance Of The Mind, Body, Spirit Connection

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