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3 Tips for Injury Recovery

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

3 Tips for Injury Recovery

We often get asked by clients and friends, “Can you suggest just one thing that will help me feel better?”

That comes from people with issues coming from their neck, shoulder, back, hip and/ or knees. They may be asking so they can run again, or lift weights, play golf, pick up their kids or grandkids, go for a walk without worry, or simply, just get through the day with less agony and less fear of more issues later in the day. Everyone is looking for that “magic pill”, the fountain of youth, or ANYTHING to help in their struggle.

I wish I could offer that one miracle “thing” that can give you instant relief, but there is not one thing for everyone that is the “magic pill.” That being said, there are THREE things you can do for yourself that will help with recovery from any injury, muscle/nerve or tissue pain.

SO... “What are these three things” you ask?...

#1. Drink more water

Your body is nearly 60% water, your muscles are 75% water and your brain is nearly 85% water. Seeing those numbers make you realize it is actually amazing we walk, instead of flow from place to place. A study in 2013, showed nearly 75% of Americans walk around in a chronic state of dehydration. Drinking too little water leads to fatigue, joint pain, weight gain and too many other health issues to list here. SO, the big question is, are YOU drinking enough water? 8-10 glasses a day? For a simple calculation on how much you should be ideally getting is this: Take your body weight and divide by 2. The answer is the number of ounces you need, to be on the low end of enough water in a day. SO, IF you are 150 pounds: 150/2 = 75, and 75 ounces of water would be the minimal amount you should drink to stay hydrated.

#2: Get enough sleep!

There is one thing that every health expert agrees on to achieve optimal health, and that is getting enough sleep. Experts may fight over the proper diet, how much water is ideal, best exercise routine etc, but, the one thing that every expert I have spoken with or read up on agrees, and that is getting enough sleep is critical for optimal health. Do you know how much is ideal or enough for you? Several studies have been done and the standard 8 hours is consistently seen across every study for adults (less for younger people). But, anywhere from 7-9 hours for 18-65 year olds, with older adults 7-8 hours. So, the question is, are you getting enough sleep every day? The 3 big benefits from getting enough sleep are weight control, physical health (including healing and repairing of our blood vessels and heart), and lastly, increased energy. Getting enough sleep also enables the brain to clear out and “reboot” from the previous days input.

#3: Decrease negative stressors during your day

This can be taken as either physical or emotional stressors. We primarily speak to the physical negative stressors, or simply put, avoid painful or irritating positions or activities as much as possible. We teach our clients to move and exercise only in pain- free motions and positions. Think of it this way, if you have a cut on your arm and you scratch and rub it often, the healing will take longer than if you left it alone and did not touch it. The same principle holds true for muscle, or other tissues in your body, the more you can keep from irritating it, the faster it can heal and recover.

There you have it. IF you drink more water, get the proper amount of sleep, and decrease negative stressors, you will be doing yourself a huge favor in terms of overcoming any injury or muscular issue.

6Be sure to consult with your primary care physician or other medical professionals in regards to your medical concerns. This text cannot and should not replace advice from the patient's healthcare professionals. Any person who experiences symptoms or feels that something may be wrong should seek individual professional help for evaluation and/or treatment. This post is for informative purposes only.

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wendy bates
wendy bates
01. lokak. 2021

I just wanted to say as an older woman with e.d.s. that the recovery time I need after doing any kind of! physical work can be up to 3 days and maybe more depending upon how long the activity lasted and how strenuous the activity was that I did. That being said, my lifestyle may be more physical than most women of my age of 57 but it is very discouraging to me because I have to do chores for basic survival on a family farm. Its hard to not be able to do half of what I could do just 10 years ago and I have to always tell myself that it's ok to lay around to recover be…

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