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EDS Emergency Kit

Updated: Feb 19

EDS Emergency Kit

When you have a chronic illness it is important to be prepared for whatever the day may throw at you. For some of our patients, creating an EDS/HSD emergency kit has been a helpful and fun way to feel safe and prepared when you are away from your medications and other therapeutic tools. Keep reading if you want to know what we recommend to include in your EDS emergency kit!

Since connective tissue disorders such as Ehlers Danlos Syndrome are multi-systemic illnesses, we often have a multitude of symptoms going on at once. Let’s start at the top: our heads! Migraines and brain fog are two of the most common “head based” symptoms for those with connective tissue disorders. For this, carrying around salt tablets to help with brain fog (if related to POTS or dysautonomia), and a travel excedrin migraine bottle. In addition, including Liquid IV, Banana Bag, or Emergen-C in your kit for a quick electrolyte pick me up would be recommended. 

Next, let’s discuss ENT products you may need. Chronic sinusitis and deviated septums are also common for those with connective tissue disorders. Any kind of saline spray for Flonase is always good to have in case you experience a Mast Cell Activation Syndrome flare up. For more severe and sudden congestion, Afrin is also a good tool to have!

Our joints and ligaments get very tired with EDS or hypermobility, especially if you are having a long day of doctors appointments or errands. Bringing your essential braces for your particularly troublesome joints would be very helpful. Finger splints, wrist braces, and ankle braces are the most practical to carry around. 

And because our joints and ligaments are extra stretchy, pain is the most common occurrence for our patients. There are many different therapeutics that we suggest to patients regarding joint pain. Biofreeze or lidocaine are the best over the counter options, specifically the patches, as they are small and don't take up much room. In addition, they last all day so there is no need to reapply! If you are not into the biofreeze or lidocaine smell, CBD rubs are also helpful. 

All of these things can fit in a small bag and be stored in your trunk or purse, and are easily accessible no matter where you are. When a chronic illness comes into your life, lots of new tools do too, so take some time for yourself and prepare your own little emergency kit!

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