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Hypermobility Health: 3 Easy Steps to Improve Your Life with Hypermobility

Updated: May 21

Living with Hypermobility is NOT easy. Pain becomes a factor in our lives daily and can sometimes be the most complicated aspect of Hypermobility – and sometimes the hardest to treat! We should never have to feel as if we’re being “over-dramatic” when it comes to our pain. Pain is pain at the end of the day and nobody should have to deal with it. Unfortunately, it’s something that we do have to deal with, so we must find ways to live a healthy, fulfilling life. So, here are 3 easy steps you can take today to improve your life with Hypermobility:

Hypermobility Health: 3 Easy Steps to Improve Your Life with Hypermobility

1. Have a Hobby

Having a hobby can be a fantastic pain management technique because it can take your mind off of the joint pain that is caused by Hypermobility. Having a distraction can take our minds away from the intense pain we are feeling and bring us back into living our lives. This might not always work for extreme pain attacks, but having a hobby that can take our minds off of the day-to-day pain can be a huge help.

2. Build a Care Team That Truly Understands What You’re Going Through

It’s hard enough living with Hypermobility pain. It’s even harder when our care teams do not understand what we’re going through. Try to find doctors and physical therapists who have experience treating Hypermobility pain – or who have a hypermobile person on staff like our own Dr. Perretto. If you can’t seem to find those in your area, use our tips from 10 Tips on Managing Your Hypermobility Pain to help your care team understand what it is you’re going through.

3. Go at Your Own Pace

While living with Hypermobility, there is no “normal”. If you feel like you’re doing things differently to everyone else, it’s probably true. Everyone lives their lives differently, including people with Hypermobility. If that means we achieve things slowly, or in an adapted way, so be it. Aim for progress instead of perfection. Enjoy the process of doing something and celebrate the progress you’ve made. Taking breaks and resting can be an achievement too! Sometimes we have to remind ourselves that we don’t have to do what everyone else is doing. As long as we’re doing something that we value, then we are achieving something.

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