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NEURAC Redcord - A Pain Free Approach For Your Injuries And Pain

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

Ropes haven’t always been used on humans for the happiest purposes. Hanging, kidnapping and trussing to railroad tracks come to mind. So, when I first found Redcord I was a little skeptical about the idea, but something told me to research it further. That's when I learned more about what that unique system was offering. And, while they’re not torture contraptions per se, and can be used on individuals with moderate and severe musculoskeletal pain, they can also make for grueling workouts.

NEURAC Redcord - A Pain Free Approach For Your Injuries And Pain

The system was devised in 1991 by Petter Planke, a Norwegian who had experienced severe back pain for two decades. He finally jerry-rigged a rope-and-pulley system to provide traction while he did exercises. Now Redcord can be used for both physical therapy, wellness and sports performance.

For each exercise, the level of difficulty can be adjusted by changing the length and arrangement of the cords. To make planks easier, for example, a sling could be placed under my midriff, supporting me in midair like Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible. We can even simulate cross-country skiing by doing lunges with one foot in the sling.

The science behind Redcord is known as Neurac, or neuromuscular activation. It helps users pinpoint and treat their muscle problems in a way that traditional, one-dimensional strength training doesn’t. Redcord has slowly been gaining ground around the world, it is now used in over 30 countries.

By placing people in suspension — also described as a closed kinetic loop — the system has made it possible for individuals to stimulate muscles that may have seemed irreversibly damaged. We use what is called the “weak link testing.”

With Redcord we can stimulate the muscles at a higher level, yet, in a very specific pattern for each pattern of movement, assisting or challenging them based on the needs. There is clear utility in a rehabilitation program that stimulates the body from every angle. It’s a more functional approach. You’re not just doing isolation exercises, the body functions in the world in three different planes of motion, and traditional exercise is really only looking at it in one plane.

The beauty of a suspension exercise training system, especially Redcord, is that it’s easily modifiable through slings and bungees to treat people of all abilities and ages. By providing assistance to off-load body weight when initially learning or re-learning movement patterns individuals can come back from injury more quickly and possibly decrease further injury down the road. If you have been struggling with typical overuse injuries or simply cannot seem to recover from an injury and/or suffer from chronic pain, it may be time to try Redcord suspension exercise training.

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