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Gyrotonic 101: How Can it Help You?

Updated: May 2

Gyrotonic is a unique and specialized approach to movement that addresses all components of the body. Rather than focusing on one aspect of the body, the Gyrotonic approach examines all components of the body, ensuring that each functions smoothly to promote overall healthy neural pathways.

If you have EDS or hypermobility, Gyrotonic may be just the approach for you to build strength without injuring yourself!

What is Gyrotonic?

The Gyrotonic method is founded on movement. The exercises that Gyrotonic instructors use are multi-faceted, with numerous benefits. Through the sequences performed, you can increase stabilization and mobility throughout the body.

For those of us who have EDS or joint hypermobility, Gyrotonic is extremely beneficial because of how many areas it can treat simultaneously. It addresses common symptoms and comorbidities associated with connective tissue disorders. For instance, the exercises utilized in the Gyrotonic method promote healthy mobility patterns of the joints, through stimulation of the connective tissue surrounding them. This helps strengthen your joint and tissue, lessening joint laxity. Additionally, it also helps to mobilize the spine while stabilizing hypermobile segments, rebalancing movement to the entire spine including the facilitation of breathing through the diaphragm. So if back pain is a problem for you, the Gyrotonic approach may be right for you!

In addition, this method promotes healthy breathing patterns and rib cage repositioning, while simultaneously encouraging rib mobility through breath. And if your pelvic floor is an area of concern for you, the Gyrotonic method helps build pelvis stability and promotes pelvic health.

The Gyrotonic method also addresses your body’s spatial orientation and proprioception, a common problem associated with EDS. Through the stabilization of your upper and lower extremities, in addition to neuromuscular re-education, you can improve your body’s coordination. In regards to neuromuscular re-education, Gyrotonic is effective because the exercises performed:

  1. Increase blood flow

  2. Promote biofeedback to the limbs and trunk

  3. Stimulate and stabilize the nervous system

  4. Encourage mind and body connection

These components altogether, created through the repetition of movement, engrave brain patterns that create new, healthy neural pathways in the body. This changes how your body functions in the long-term, creating life-long benefits.

Perhaps most importantly of all, the Gyrotonic method can be adapted to fit your fitness level: exercise can be as gentle or as challenging as necessary, based on the tolerance of the person. So whether you have difficulty just getting out of bed, or exercise vigorously 7 days a week, you can get these benefits while avoiding injury!

If Gyrotonic sounds like something that would benefit you, our certified Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis specialist, Pamela Mortemore, can help you! With over 20 years of experience, Pam can determine exactly what will benefit you, taking into account joint hypermobility or other medical concerns.

Give us a call today at 561-366-2435 for a free phone consultation!

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