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Your core and YOU!

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

Your core and YOU!

The importance of having a strong core!!!

Let’s begin with what is core strength? Well believe it or not a strong core does not just include the rectus abdominis muscles or what many refer to as the “six pack” muscles.

Your core refers to any muscle that attaches to your spinal column and/or the pelvis. This includes a complex makeup of muscles that are broken down into a distinction between major and minor groups. Let us not be fooled by their names, as each of them play a very critical role and are incorporated in almost every movement of the body.

Some of the major muscles include the transverses abdominis, internal or external obliques, pelvic floor muscles, rectus abdominis and erector spinae just to name a few. The minor muscles include the gluteus maximus, latissimus doors and trapezius.

Don’t worry yourself with memorizing the names of each of these muscles but do know the importance of understanding just how many muscles are actually involved and that each are responsible for stabilizing the core and supporting movement.

A strong and solid core reduces the risk of possible injury, minimizes back pain, reduces strain on the spine, improves balance/posture, increases athletic performance and teaches you proper spinal alignment. Plus lets not forget the attractive looking beach body we all desire and admire.

Think about it, your core is the epicenter of your body which requires great strength so that it can support the entire weight of your body. Not much happens without engagement from the core. Every movement we make involves the core from getting out of bed to putting on a pair of shoes or picking up the kids, so it is essential that these muscles work in unison to limit the possibility of injury.

There are numerous exercises and movements that can strengthen your core but form and engagement of the right muscles is essential. So whether you are feeling weak, experiencing lower back pain, trying to raise your level of performance or simply want those long after beach abs then physical therapy is here to help.

The “right” physical therapist is an expert at evaluating the core and determining any deficiencies in your movement patterns and muscles. Identifying the “root cause” of the weakness is a critical and essential ingredient to creating a strengthening program designed for you! Customization and optimization are our key ingredients. Come experience the difference for yourself and make an appointment today.

Click here to inquire about the cost and availability of our physical therapy programs.

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