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Suspension Exercise Training - The Neurac Method

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

Suspension Exercise Training - The Neurac Method

Suspension exercise training improves functional movement patterns more effectively than traditional exercise by creating a challenging and pain free environment for movement re-training. Numerous research studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of suspension exercise training in improving back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, and activation of local spinal stabilizer muscles. For those of you who haven’t heard of Redcord it is a suspension exercise system developed in Norway that is utilized by physical therapists to challenge and improve the neuromuscular system.

NEURAC is an acronym for NEURomuscular ACtivation and is a treatment method that is developed in the field of therapeutic exercise in combination with suspension therapy. The method was developed focusing on neuromuscular re-education for patients with subacute and long-term musculoskeletal disorders, but is also suitable for a variety of neurological disorders as well as postoperative rehabilitation.

Definition of Neurac

Neurac is a treatment method, which through high levels of neuromuscular stimulation aims to restore functional movement patterns.

Suspension Exercise Training - The Neurac Method

The goals are: - Optimize neuromuscular control - Eliminate or reduce pain - Restore normal range of motion - Enable the patient to tolerate exercise and regular physical activity Elements in the Neurac Method • Clinical communication skills • Anamnesis and clinical examination • Neurac testing • Neurac treatment • Patient education • Exercise and conditioning • Follow-up over time

Neurac Testing

Neurac testing is standardized test procedures that screens the body for painful movements, inappropriate movement patterns, and imbalances. These neuromuscular dysfunctions are referred to as Weak Links, and are perceived as the underlying cause of the problem. The weak links are informing the therapist about which exercises and techniques that are indicated, and at what level of difficulty the treatment exercises should be performed.

Neurac Treatment

Neurac Treatment aims at correcting weak links by stimulating neuromuscular control in order to regain functional and pain free movement patterns. The treatment approach has four main elements:

1. Suspension Exercise

Closed kinetic chain (body-weight-bearing exercise) - Unsteadiness – controlled instability provided by the ropes and slings

2. Perturbation

Perturbing the ropes and slings manually to increase unsteadiness - Controlled vibration applied by Redcord Stimula

3. Workload

Precise grading of the exercises - Gradual increased resistance

4. Pain Free Approach

Preferably no pain - Alternatively no increase of existing pain

Redcord applies high effort without the need for high mechanical load, to optimally enhance muscle activation and neuromuscular function.The principles are easy to use to modify the approach to individual needs.

Identifying the root cause of your pain is the only way to achieve results. Many practitioners treat the pain, not the cause, which can lead to persistent pain and frustration for their patients. At Actify, our approach is both holistic and evidence based. We treat the whole person, identifying the root cause of your issue from the beginning. We believe in collaboration. We collaborate with our clients, the other members of your "team," including physicians, massage therapists, coaches, chiropractors, dieticians and other healers in order to ensure everyone is on the same page.

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