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Leverage your Body with Redcord

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

NEURAC (NEURomuscular-ACtivation) is an assessment and treatment method that utilizes the Redcord® and one's own body weight to restore proper neuromuscular control and functional stability for sports or daily activities. The Redcord system consists of multiple adjustable ropes that are suspended over a treatment table (or an exercise mat) as well as slings, handles and bungees that attach to these ropes. Instead of traditional weight training, the Redcord is a unique corrective-exercise system that leverages body weight as resistance while demanding the recruitment of many muscles to keep the ropes steady.

The Neurac treatment aims to correct muscle imbalances, caused by trauma, overuse, or inactivity, that lead to pain and inefficient movement patterns (compensation). At the start of care, the practitioner performs a series of Neurac tests to locate weaknesses, imbalances and instabilities along each anatomical chain of the body. Next, the practitioner begins treatment on the Redcord with exercises designed to engage inactive muscles (“weak links”) in the chain. In order to establish proper muscle coordination while on the Redcord, the practitioner must also off-weight the patient with slings and bungees positioned under the head, trunk, and/or extremities. It is this unique feature of un-weighting the patient that allows for good quality of movement, and without compensation or the interference of pain. As strength and stability improve, the practitioner can progress the routine by removing the pull of bungees while increasing the level of neuromuscular challenge. The treatment is complete when the patient can successfully perform the exercises while supporting oneself entirely without bungees (normal functional stability). The patient is then encouraged to use a Redcord at the gym or at home, as part of one’s daily exercise routine.

Neurac is an evidence-based treatment approach with over 25 published studies to its credit. The method is superior to most traditional forms of physical rehabilitation because it addresses the source of a person’s health condition, and not just the symptoms. Whether the goal is to perform the simplest task, or to excel at the highest athletic level, Neurac is a safe and highly effective way to address the strength needs for people of all ages Redcord is available in over 40 countries around the world as a proven system to facilitate physical therapy and rehabilitation, wellness, fitness, and sports performance. Olympic and Professional Athletes are even training with Redcord on a daily basis for an ultimate program of core strengthening, athletic conditioning, and injury prevention.

Actify is proud to be the first in Boca Raton to offer NEURAC Redcord. Schedule your first session now and experience the difference!

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